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Here in Plainfield IL, new construction communities that don’t have homeowner associations are hard to come by. There’s only one builder that easily comes to mind when I try to recall the neighborhoods that do not have homeowners associations, and that’s John Leach Homes….

My first home here in Plainfield IL was a Leach home, and it was a fabulous brand new starter home, that gave us our first 5 great years here in Plainfield!

We were such of fans of the area, that when we had out-grown that house, we decided to build another home in an adjoining subdivision. Our current home is our first experience with belonging to a homeowners association, and we are about to find out exactly what the association is going to do to protect the aesthetic appearance of our community as well as our property value.

When we moved in to our new home, as soon as the ground thawed, we started interviewing fence companies to help us decide what kind of fence we were going to pay to build to keep our pets an children safe within our yard. backyard photo

No one on any of the bordering sides of us had a fence, so we decided to build a 4′ picket fence within the guidelines of the association. This will mark our 3rd summer in our new home as well as the 3rd summer since we first built our fence.

This week, the neighbor behind us had a contractor build a 6′ fence directly behind ours, resulting in an unsightly 2′ gap in the height of our fences, as well as an 8″ gap between the fences.

This was a clear cut violation of the coventants of our association, but we are now awaiting the final decision of the board to rule on the situation.

The point of this story is that, homeowners associations do serve a greater purpose.

Without going into a long a boring detailed description; they serve to protect and maintain property values of a neighborhood by setting forth enforceable guildlines for the community.

Some of the verbage in the covenants is subjective, and I am sure that a majority of disputes are based on a war of the words.

I’m counting on our homeowners association to protect our property value in this instance. I will let you know how it all works out later this week.

Other than the fact that we need to stain the fence again this year, ( I couldn’t last year because of the pregnancy of my youngest son…) this doesn’t look very nice from our side of the fence, right?

Julie Ferenzi | Realtor®
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  1. Julie,
    Our community has restrictive covenants, but no Homeowners Association to enforce them. The community is about 8 years old , we have lived here for 2 1/2. In the last few months I have noticed that some newer folks are just ignoring some covenants that have been pretty well respected to date.

    For eg. No fencing is allowed accept that which begins at the back corner of the house.
    A new resident who bought a FSBO and has a corner property just built an 8’ fence from the front corner of their home. Boats are not allowed in driveways, must be out of site. I counted 10 in driveways today. Neighbors have cleared areas set aside as conservation areas….That’s being looked into right now by the zoning board after a complaint was files

    Granted our neighborhood is one of the popular in our area, but how long before disrespectful residents bring it down a notch or two? I am thinking of starting an HOA myself…

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