When is the best time to list my home for sale? Is there a seasonal real estate market in Plainfield IL?

So it seems that in order to be seen in cyber space locally or otherwise, Google has once again changed it’s algorithm… and along with it, how websites rank compared to the competition.

With that said, let me just be clear that I HATED every second of recording this video, lol.  All 500 takes of it.  I think I said “ummm” about a trillion times, so I went with the version that contained the least amount of them.  Who knew I said, “um” a lot?  Oh, just probably everyone in the world except for me.  Wow, what a completely humbling experience…  and one I just need to get used to I guess if I want to stay relevant in real estate these days apparently.

When is the best time to list or buy  home in the Plainfield IL area?  Stay tuned.  You’re about to find out!  (and remember, you’re not allowed to laugh!)

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